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Resuming in person classes.

Hello all Pear Tree Self Defense Center teachers, student, supporters and friends. With Covid-19 Omicron on a steep decline, we are back in class, in person, at the kwoon, training the best way that we can. Crossing hands and feeling the opposition while we train in the most efficient and effective self defense method I know. At this time, we are still wearing masks, but as soon as Omicron has hit 5% positive tests in Wichita, we will discard the masks and breath freely. It has been a rough 2 1/2 years since Covid 19 has been with us. Many people got very sick and died due to this disease and the variations that followed, but it looks like that we are emerging through to the other side of it and can start living a more free life.

PTSDC has seen it's share of Covid in the past several months. Pear Tree teachers and students have been exposed and dealt with Omicron. We have been fortunate because we have been vigilant. Most of us are vaccinated and boosted and when they felt the slightest bit off, or if they knew they were exposed, they stayed away from the school and prevented the spread of this virus. To those individuals, I thank you for being responsible and treating this ailment with caution.

The good news is that we are are back, open for training in Wing Chun, Qi Gong and Jeet Kune Do. I would like to invite you all to come and work with us and get the best training in self defense around.

Master Sifu Joe A. Hutchings

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