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Wing Chun and JKD Together

We will be hosting our Annual Spring Seminar this year, here at Pear Tree Self Defense Center on Saturday, April 1, 2023 from 9am till 5pm with a pot luck gathering after the seminar is over.

Registration starts at 8am. $50 fee

Sifu Steven Baily, of Wing Chun Martial Arts of Andover, will be covering self defense techniques using Wing Chun Gung Fu, (Kung Fu). Sifu Bailey will explore how to defend yourself using Wing Chun. Sifu Bailey will teach from 9am till noon.

Sifu Joe Hutchings, of Pear Tree will be covering Bruce Lee's self defense techniques using JKD's 12 core techniques that cover all angles of attack. These techniques are direct, simple, efficient, and effective. Sifu Hutchings will teach from 2pm till 5pm.

After a full day of self defense training, we will have a pot luck meal from 5 till 9pm and gather up for philosophy, stories, conversations, and general "g" rated, family friendly fun. So, if you will be attending the dinner, please bring a covered dish to serve to hungry people. No alcohol, please.

I hope to see you at this once a year event. It will be a blast.

Please park in the KANSEL parking lot on the Southwest corner of 16th and Park Place.

Pear Tree Self Defense Center

1639 N Park Place

Wichita, KS 67203


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