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Feb 9, 2022 Covid Omicron is declining.

Hello all PTSDC teachers, students, supporters, and friends. Here in Wichita, the Covid-19 Omicron variant is on the steep decline. As of yesterday, the positive tests were at 15%, down from 23% a few weeks ago. If this trend continues to fall, we will be back, live in person, in the kwoon by Saturday. I am finally getting excited about returning to live, in person training at Pear Tree. Keep checking the blog for updates on this situation.

On a different note, I have decided to get back into selling martial arts gear on a retail basis. I have opened up my Ebay store with a few specialty, hard to find items. As time goes on, I will start adding more common martial arts and self defense items to my inventory. So, please check out Pear Tree Martial Arts Supply on Ebay. Eventually, I will add a store to my website, but until then, go to Ebay.

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